Website Maintenance

Your website up to date. 24/7.

It is vital that your webpage is kept completely up to date. Old content can kill a website and you're on line credibility. Up to date content and cutting edge functionality will enhance your website. Hugely.

Search engines now take into account how regularly your website is updated (changed) and this will be reflected in your ranking. It is recommended you update or at least tweak your website daily. Even if all information is up to date.

One of the very best ways to ensure regular updating (and regular, loyal, visitors) is to maintain a blog. This requires a major commitment. To have a few posts that have been there for weeks or months without another one being posted looks worse than not having one at all. DP Web Development offers a blog maintenance service.

In the digital world things change. Very quickly. What may have seen cutting edge last week can be obsolete the next. What may have seemed an "extra" for a website is now standard and expected by visitors. Don't get left behind! A regular maintenance check will ensure you will be up to date in every area. New features and content can be added as and when needed.

In short you want a cutting edge, up to date website without all the hassle.

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