10 things you didn't know about me

1. I won the school maths cup. When I was eight years old. I may have peaked a little early

2. I have travelled to every continent on earth. Except Antarctica. Every single country I have ever been to has something amazing to see. If you struggle to decide where to go stick a random pin in a world map and go where it lands. There will be something amazing to see there. I guarantee it.

3. I have modelled for FHM magazine. I was posing as a junkie. Sadly the expected inundation of modelling assignments did not materialise.

4. I like to watch snooker on TV. It can be exciting. I also find it relaxing.

5. I have never had a nose bleed. Or a broken limb. Or a black eye. I did cut my head open on a boat in the middle of the ocean which became an emergency as it was very deep.

6. I once slept for 24 hours straight. For no apparent reason. I went to bed at the normal time and didn't wake up (at all) until 10 30 the next night. It is a surreal experience to slowly realise it’s not 10:30 in the morning but you have missed an entire day.

7. I starred on a Japanese TV show. I was staying in a youth hostel when the manager approached me and asked if I would be willing to answer a few questions for a TV show. I said ok. It was not a formal interview but was one of those famous wacky Japanese show. You know extreme close up, lots of shouting and bad jokes. It was great. I even got paid. About two weeks later while in Thailand about 40 Japanese schoolgirls wanted to have their photo taken with me.

8. I am good at magic. I know some very good magic tricks (mostly with cards) that will amaze you. Probably. Unless you don’t like magic.

9. I was a door to door salesperson. I was selling aerial photographs of people’s houses. It is the most soul destroying job I have ever done. So next time someone knocks on your door to sell you something. Be polite. Don’t just slam the door shut. It has probably happened to them about 50 times before already.

10. I am an excellent table tennis player and represented my home town. I can also play a pretty mean game of pool too. I can also play chess to a good standard. Not too good at volleyball though.

Oh I'm also an ace at creating, developing and maintaining websites so if you are looking for a great website or want me to look after and update you existing one please don’t hesitate to get in touch.