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Doug Pitchers professional web developer
I'm Doug Pitchers, very nice to meet you.

You’ve made the decision. You’ve decided to stop talking and start DOING.

Your dreams and aspirations are about to realised. You have waited long enough. You are nervous (the good kind) excited, you are on the verge of something BIG. Something special. This is real!

You are looking for someone who “gets you”. Someone who can see the big picture (as well as all the small stuff) and understands exactly where you are coming from. Someone who can make these thoughts real, make them bigger, make them shine! You’ve been dreaming of a digital design that is cutting edge, screams success, expertise, boasting boatloads of personality and above all PROFESSIONALISM.

You are ready to look like a pro.
You are ready to stand out from the crowd. NOW IS THE TIME!

In short you want a sharp, witty professional presence on the World Wide Web.

Introducing Doug Pitchers.

I will not only make your website look good but I’ll make it work like a dream. No sloppy coding here. I’m a one stop shop for all your web needs. From design, to building the website to launching and if you want I’ll maintain the site afterwards as well. Sit back and relax. I’ve got your back.

I’m fast too. We’ll decide on a deadline and I’ll hit it. Every time. Just ask my clients.

Most important is that I am passionate about people who think that good ISN’T enough. Great is only half way there. People like you. The entrepreneurs full of life, inspiring others to dream big. To seize the day. To live life on their terms.

I’d love to work with you.

Let's meet on the Internet!

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"Just want to say thanks Doug! My new website is awesome!." – Jennifer

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